Rules and etiquette - Please read before posting
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Author:  Linguistic [ 28 Jun 2009, 16:46 ]
Post subject:  Rules and etiquette - Please read before posting

TheMostReadBook Discussion Board

Your contribution to this forum is highly welcome and encouraged, as this project is a collaborative effort. For maximum efficiency, please be mindful of the following rules and etiquette before posting. Thank you for your cooperation.


1. This is a linguistic translation of the Quranic verses, not an interpretive one. We do not want to interpret the Quran first then translate our interpretation. English words should be chosen that most closely correspond to the Arabic words of the Quranic text. Interpretations that come from other religious sources, no matter how authentic, are not to be included in this translation. Filling words in brackets should be used only for linguistic flow, not for added interpretations.
2. This is not a general purpose discussion forum about Islam, the Quran or religion. This is simply a project to translate the Quran into English in such a way that is as close as possible to the Arabic sacred text.
3. Suggested translation contributions must not be copies from copyrighted published books.
4. No profanity, hate talk, name calling, accusation, personal attacks or "takfeer" is allowed. Violators will be warned once and if they persist will be banned.


1. You can be a follower of any Muslim sect or scholar, but you should not demean or dismiss other sects or scholars nor preach your sect nor promote your scholar.
2. You can be a non-Muslim with particular competence in English or Arabic. Your linguistic contribution is welcomed but you should not preach your religion nor demean Islam or its sacred icons.
3. No spam nor off the topic posts are allowed. Such posts will be promptly deleted and posters will be warned and/or banned.
4. No hijacking of threads is allowed. If you find it necessary to change the theme of the discussion in a thread, then create a new topic. If you cannot, send a private message to one of the administrators.
5. Please do not post in all capital letters, very long paragraphs, or chat-style language. Use colors and smileys sparingly, and avoid the use of blue and purple as they are reserved for MyTranslation tags and moderator messages.

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