بصير /bæʂi:r/
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Author:  Linguistic [ 19 Jun 2010, 19:16 ]
Post subject:  بصير /bæʂi:r/

This word is used a lot in the Quran as an attribute of God. It literally means "one who sees it all and sees it well." Translators have suggested "Seeing" and "Seer." Both are good but I like "Seer" better because in English it means one who sees beyond what others notice.

There are two words in Arabic that both translate to "see": رأى and بصر. The first verb means to see, to envision or to opine. The latter can only mean to see and that one is the root of the subject word.

Another suggestion is "Insightful". It's good, but it doesn't necessarily require an actual seeing. A person is called insightful when he or she understands meanings others did not get.

I'll go for All-Seeing, Seer or "acute Seer" until I hear better suggestions.

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