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An English translation of the Quran that is as close as possible to the Arabic sacred text
Verily, this Quran guides to that which is most upright (Quran 17:9)
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There are many good English translations of the Quran*, so why another one? The impetus behind the translation presented on this web site is to adhere to the Arabic sacred text as closely as possible while still conveying its meaning to the English speaking in a readable, grammatically correct manner. We want to avoid, as much as possible, interpreting the Quran first then translating the interpretation. We want to translate the words and phrases as they linguistically are in the Arabic text and as they meant at the time of revelation.

This effort, we found, is necessary after conversing with non-Muslims who quoted translations that are particularly strange. They arrived at odd conclusions based on those translations when the Arabic text so clearly cannot be thus translated.

Needless to say, a perfect translation is impossible due to linguistic, grammatical, syntax and cultural differences between Arabic and English. But this effort is still called for and is hoped to be useful in conveying the Quran to the English-speaking folk. May God accept this effort from all who contributed to it and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

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*Pronounced /qurÊ”æ:n/ (International phonetic alphabet)